In Baco Chileno you can buy wines, pisco, craft beers and original products from Chile. The order can be from one unit to as many as our stock allows. The products of which we have in stock a quantity greater than the normal maximum quantities of an order neither warns nor limits the quantity of purchase. The same website does not allow you to purchase more units than we can serve.

  • In physical store: The order is picked up by the customer in our physical store, so there is no shipping cost or any minimum purchase obligation.

  • Influence zone: The order is sent to the entire area of the Balearic Islands

  • peninsula area: The order is sent to the Levante area and the rest of the Peninsula except Ceuta, the Canary Islands and Melilla

We currently have three secure payment methods; bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal and credit card.

payment by wire transfer They do not have any extra cost for the client. Payment by transfer can also be made by account deposit, depending on the client's interest. To do this, you must do so through the account that we provide when closing the order, indicating the Reference number of the order.

payment against refund It has management expenses from the transport company.  Cash on delivery is a means of payment used in online sales. The customer will pay the cost of their purchase with the corresponding recharge of the shipment directly to the person who delivers the order to their home or to the address that has been provided, and they can also pay by card through a POS that will carry the transport company.

payment by PayPal, a very secure online payment gateway. It allows you to buy in Baco quickly and safely in our store. You just need your email address and your password. Forget typing the digits of your account number.

payment by redesys, a very secure online payment gateway to pay with your credit card. It allows you to buy in Baco quickly and safely in our store. 

All information about payment and order status is made on top of the billing information. The order status emails or calls if necessary will be made on the data provided as Billing Data.

The Recipient's telephone is only used in the event that the transport does not find the recipient on the first delivery attempt.

In this case, the order invoice is sent to the person making the payment as a PDF document via email, and the recipient does not receive any information on the value of the products received.

There are very few occasions when a bottle suffers damage during transport, and when they do occur, they are usually detected before delivery is made. In that case we will contact you to indicate the incidence and we will send immediately an order with new bottles.

In the event that a box arrives at its destination with clear indications that a bottle is broken, YOU SHOULD NOT ACCEPT IT. If the client wishes, they can contact us, but the transport company itself informs us of the incident immediately, at which time we proceed to make a new shipment at no cost to you.

If you have picked up the order and when you open the boxes you find that there is a broken or damaged bottle, you can contact us as soon as possible and decide what you want to do and what suits you best; we send you a new bottle or we collect the entire order and send you a new one at no charge.

Although this is even less common, if upon opening the packaging you detect that one or several bottles do not correspond to what was requested (not only product, but also capacity and vintage), you only have to notify us. We'll pick up the wrong products and ship the correct order to you free of charge.

When the programming does not limit the possible order quantity of a product, it means that in our warehouse (not in the face-to-face sales area) we have available an amount greater than the maximum sale of the product during 24 hours.

DELIVERY TERM: 48 -72 hours. weekdays

URGENT TRANSPORTATION TO SPAIN: Orders must be processed by phone (+34) 690 319 087. The shipping cost will depend on the destination and the number of bottles.

DELIVERY TERM: Between 24-48h

PICK UP AT BACO CHILENO MALLORCA STORE: Delivery costs FREE, for orders to be picked up at our store at Calle Castillejos,1, 2º 07007, Coll d'en Rabassa, Palma de Mallorca

DELIVERY TERM: 24-48 hours. weekdays Wait for the confirmation email "Order Ready" before going to collect the wines.

For shipments to Europe, contact us by phone (+34) 690 319 087 or by writing an email to the following address:

Baco Chileno makes its shipments through the transport company DHL, depending on the characteristics and destinations of the orders. Through your account created on the Baco Chileno website you can check the status of your order. If you have questions, you can contact us through the usual channels so that we can inform you personally. You can write to us at info@bacochileno.or call us at (+34) 690 319 087 

Baco Chileno carries out scheduled events in hotel chains in Mallorca and collaborative social events together with other organizations to publicize the brand's products and with the sale of them help the most disadvantaged.

The most recent event that we have carried out ''MALLORCA HELP CHILE'' has been held in the city of Palma de Mallorca this past Saturday, March 11, with the collaboration of Palma City Council, Baleares Sin Fronteras, Fiesta FM, Avaso.Org , Meson La Rueda, Flyticket and Algus'to.