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We select and import wines, pisco and gourmet products from Chile

For us wines are emotions; joy, love, attraction, among others, are some of the effects that opening a bottle of wine can cause. And while it is true that the harmonious pairing between wine and food is a great experience, for us a "good wine" is also one that manages to move us, move us to other places, produce pleasure at the right time or depending on our mood.

My name is Patrick Moncada and I arrived in Spain in 2005, like many Chilean immigrants, in search of new opportunities and well-being for my whole family. I chose Spain, since I carry a bit of Spanish blood within me, the fruit of my Spanish ancestors. Lover of good wine in Chile and my homeland, when I arrived in Spain I had difficulty finding Chilean wine. During these years as a consumer, I have been tasting excellent Spanish wines, along with Chilean wines that my family from Chile or through some compatriots sent me.

Patrick Moncada
Patricio Moncada stand

The passion for the wine of my land becomes my profession. Baco Chileno is a project that was born in 2015, with objective of bringing to Spain the most extensive variety of Chilean wines, pisco and gourmet products to taste, for those compatriots who love this drink, who for whatever reason have had to emigrate to Spain, or for the general public that is open to discover new experiences

For us, the wine It's not just what goes into the bottle, they are memories, many accumulated experiences, many moments shared around a table, great conversations with people around a table.