Premium Chilean Wines and Chilean Piscos

We select and import Chilean wines to Spain, from the best valleys of Chile (Casablanca, Elqui, Maipo, Itata…), for the hospitality and retail industry.

premium Chilean wines

A good wine list must be careful, selected, balanced and with national and international representation.

Position yourself in the minds of your customers with an image of quality and prestige in your business.

We have the perfect wines, with «Sabor a Chile».

aroma chilean wines

Among the best in the world. Chilean wines and Chilean pisco

The longest coastal strips in the world, warm temperatures and sunny days all year round, the current of the sea breeze that cools the vineyards, the Andes mountain range that functions as a temperature regulator, factors that attribute to Chilean wines, of great balance and character. Plus

Pisco from Chile

Traditional Chilean Pisco, distilled from grapes and with denomination of origin.

Perfect for mixing and cocktails that will surprise your guests.

We have the perfect Pisco, with «Chile flavor».

Our producers

We are united by the passion for wine and our land